Step 3: Claim/Optimise Your Google My Business Listing (and Beyond)

Step 3: Claim/Optimise Your Google My Business Listing (and Beyond)

Once we have agreed on our plan of action, the first actionable step that we take with all of our clients is to claim/optimise their Google My Business Listing. Not sure what that is? We’ve got you covered.

So for the benefit of a visual example, we’ve just done a search for “renovations southend” – so an industry + location search. Google returned a result page as shown below, which is often referred to as their Local 3-Pack.

Basically this means, the top 3 local companies who are essentially most relevant to the term ‘renovations southend’.

This is a picture of our findings from that keyword search:

Google Local 3 Pack

Three companies come out on top – and incidentally, the top result for Cannon Property Renovations is one of the furthest companies away from our AP3X Local offices.

Why is that? Because they have a much more optimised Google My Business listing compared to other companies, at least for the search term “renovations southend”.

Here is a picture of Cannon’s actual Google My Business Listing:

Google My Business Listing Example

They have a fair amount of their listing optimised correctly, which includes, their NAP (that stands for name, address and phone number).

A businesses NAP is a key area that Google looks at, not just on a Google My Business listing front but also on all online directories where that information lives (Yelp, Yellow Pages etc).

Rule of thumb is that it has to always be exactly the same – the format, the letters, numbers, everything. As Google is crawling through the web, it picks up on all this information.

If there is any discrepancy in a businesses NAP then it can have a negative impact on that businesses ranking efforts.

Again, don’t worry, these are all areas that we take care of.

As well as that, Cannon have got their Google map location on their listing, as well as photos and one other key ingredient – reviews.

While they only have 5 reviews, they have more than other companies under the ‘renovations southend’ search term – we won’t let you underestimate the power of this, we will put in place a review processes to make it easier for your customers to leave reviews to your business – which is key in building up the right reputation online.

There is more to the Google My Business Listing work than what we have detailed above, but i hope this gives you a deeper understanding of the first few steps that we will take after we become your chosen Digital partner.

From this point on, we will carry out the rest of our strategy, detailed in our proposal, creating or redesigning your website, and sending you those monthly reports which are super simple to understand and help in visualising how your rankings are improving.

Those are the first 3 steps of a successful digital campaign – what’s next is you getting in touch for your FREE Consultation Call.

We look forward to welcoming your at AP3X LOCAL.

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