Step 2: Presenting Our Proposal For Your Campaign

Step 2: Presenting Our Proposal For Your Campaign

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Once we have gathered enough information on your business as well as your competitors in step 1, it’s important for us to then put our strategy together, and present you with our tailored digital proposal.

This proposal will run over all of our findings from our investigation, and tailor a plan and strategy to achieving the goals that we have agreed in our initial communications with each other.

Again, our focus is on making sure everything is transparent and easy to understand for you.

We will run over:

  • What we have learnt about your business.
  • What your current online health is for your business.
  • Run over what your competitors are doing online.
  • Your Google My Business Listing – more on this as we move into step 3.
  • Detail our strategy over a 12 month period.

light bulb moment

Imagine the financial benefit of having more people find your business easier on search engines online, like Google.

Being visible and trusted online has been known to see over 50% of local searches resulting in a conversion/purchase. While that depends on the industry/niche etc, it is still a phenomenal potential.

A potential that your competitors may already be taking advantage of.

You should want a piece of that pie, shouldn’t you?!

Naturally in the proposal, we will also run over the cost associated with our strategy.

Just to let you know as well, we commonly put together a 12 month contract, which gets reviewed at the end of the contract period, with the view to renew after this point.

At this stage, once all is agreed and signed off, we start with the first step – the step that we take with all of our clients first…..their Google My Business Listing.

See you in step 3.

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