Step 1: Understand Your Business

Step 1: Understand Your Business

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The first step before doing absolutely anything is to fully understand your business, and then do some extensive competitor analysis to understand your market in greater detail, before presenting you with our tailored proposal of what we will do for you, specifically.

The official term is analysis but in reality we want you to see it as intelligence – a detective can’t form a case on a crime without investigating it first, that’s how we want you to think about – don’t worry, we will do all of it for you.

First though, we’re going to make a promise that we like to believe every respectable digital company should be making:

“Our aim is to understand your business fully, build a long lasting relationship with you as a person/people, understand your goals, what you want to achieve, provide you with the insight as to what your competitors are doing, then plan and deliver on a strategy to help you reach those milestones.”

Let’s be clear, our passion is what we do and your passion is what you do, so our first port of call is to really get a deep understanding of what your business is all about, and what success means to you.

This will normally happen in our first face to face meeting, over the phone, or if you desire, by email (though we’d much prefer to meet in person).

Following on from this, we will take away the information from our discussion, and over a 24 hour period conduct an extensive insight into your digital health, as well as conduct a crucial piece of investigation based work, looking into your competitors.

We’ll then be able to find out and present you with our tailored, in depth proposal.

Again, all part of our realm of expertise, and things that we are truly passionate about delivering on so nothing you need to worry about doing.

Onto Step 2.

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